Charles II Essay

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Charles II
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Early Life
• Charles of Stuart was born in St James’s
Palace on May 29, 1630. He was 12 when the Civil War began. His predecessor was
Charles I and Henrietta Maria. Charles II was baptised in the Chapel Royal on June
27 by Bishop of London William Laud. His father had fought in the English Civil War against the Parliamentary and Puritan forces. Early Life (cont.)
• Two years later after the Civil War began, he was declared nominal commander-inchief in England. He also learned about his father’s execution in 1649 when he was in the Netherlands.

His Death
• Charles II suffered an apoplectic fit on
February 2, 1685 and died at the age of

His Legacy
• Charles never had any legitimate heir, but was known by a dozen of mistresses and
Dukedom of Cleveland was created. His nickname was “Old Rowley”, one of his horses' names. His Catholic brother
James was thus his heir since he never made one with Catherine of Braganza,
Charles’s wife.

His Religion
• Charles II believed in the Church of
England, but converted to Roman
Catholicism on his deathbed.

English Civil War
• King Charles I was executed at Whitehall on January 20, 1649, which was almost at the end of the English Civil War. England entered the period known as the English
Commonwealth, led by Oliver Cromwell.
Cromwell defeated Charles II at the Battle of Worcester on September 3, 1651.

English Civil War (cont.)
• Charles II escaped into exile and it wasn’t till 1660 that he got