Charles: Insect and Investigate Team. Entomology Essay

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Magdala Charles
Period 2
Forensic/Ms. Khavina

Broad Topic:*The use of entomology in forensic science and the role of an entomologist on a forensic investigate team.*
Entomology plays a very huge role in our lives and in forensic science. Entomology helps forensic investigate crimes. I am researching the use of entomology in forensic science. In my research you will know all about it such as, who studies entomology? what is entomology?, when did entomology begin? Where does entomologist work? And why is entomology important to people.

What is entomology?
Entomology is the scientific study of insects. Insects are the dominant animal life form on earth. They make up more than 80 percent of all described animal species. Insects have a huge impact on our lives. They are a critical part of the ecosystems that support human life. We depend on pollinators and other beneficial insects for food production, natural pest control, and waste decomposition. But, insects also cause billions of dollars in yearly losses to crops, stored products, forests, and buildings. Insect pests affect millions of people worldwide with diseases, causing illness or even death.

How does entomology help solve crimes?
Entomology can help in many ways. The insect infestation on a human body is very well documented and can help date the time of death. Insects can assist in proving contact between individuals. Mosquitos can actually contain DNA for people that were at the crime scene.

Why is entomology important to people?…