Charles Murray's Should The Obama Generation Drop Out

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In the world, today, we as people have numerous options on how we want to set forth our future. However, it is choosing the most suitable option that can prove to be rather difficult in most cases. Therefore, a clear majority of people look to college as the most satisfactory and reasonable option out there. However, when individuals attend the college of their dreams, they are bombarded with an array of misconceptions that they never thought possible. Thus, many students are confined to a college education, when they would rather be doing something completely different. It is often hard to decide who will do well in college, and who will struggle. In many cases, a student with good marks can have his or her own fall from grace in college. Therefore, there is no way to indicate who will prosper in or out of the institution of their choosing. College is not the right …show more content…
Juggling school work, studying, and socialization can prove to be rather difficult. As a result, there can be a large and extensive dropout rate in regards to college students. Simply based on the fact, that they were not mature enough, or the type of breed that is most suited for college. Charles Murray, author of the article, “Should the Obama Generation Drop Out” asserts that, “For most of the nation’s youths making the bachelor’s degree a job is a truth that politicians and educators cannot bring themselves to say out loud: A large majority of young people do not have the intellectual ability to do genuine college-level work” (Murray 529). Murray’s quote illustrates how many students are unable to do college level work based on a lack of intellectual ability. Although the quote is somewhat negative, it does demonstrate how college courses can be rather strenuous for new students. Therefore, are large majority of them are destined to fail, or struggle at a college