Charles Perkins's Impact On Australian History

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History Essay:

Charles Perkins significantly impacted Australian History throughout the second half of the 20th century. With a horrible childhood it motivated him to have an education and to help him stop discrimination greatly. This challenged him to become a sports star overseas, a politician and an influential aboriginals activist. Charles Perkins as well commenced the Australian Freedom Rides to resemble and to have the same beliefs as the original freedom rides in America. These are some of the reasons why Charles Perkins is an outstanding exemplar of a role model for Aboriginal people.

Perkins became a professional soccer player taking him to England to play for dominant teams. After retiring professional soccer when he returned home from England Perkins attended the University of Sydney, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree making him the first aboriginal to get a university degree. This is one of the key factors of how Perkins became an inspiration
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In 1972 Perkins was suspended for alleged improper conduct after he called the Western Australian Government ‘racist and redneck’. In 1981 he became the secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. He was the first aboriginal to become the head of a federal government department. Throughout his career he was a harsh critic of the Australian Governments policies on indigenous affairs and was known for his fiery comments. In 1993 Perkins was elected commissioner of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commission for a location in the central Northern Territory. He was elected as Deputy Chairperson of ATSIC in 1994.

In his life Charles Perkins changed the lives of many aboriginals throughout the country, he fought for what he believed in and succeeded greatly. Without his efforts in the post-war era he guided the majority of Australians to support the idea of aboriginals as