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CONTENT PAGE Content | Page | 1. INTRODUCTION a) Background information b) Retailing Industry | 3 | 2. ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION i. Market Segmentation ii. Marketing Strategies * Price, Promotion, Product, Place iii. SWOT analysis iv. Environmental scanning * Porter’s 5 competitive forces analysis | 4-6 | 3. REFLECTION | 6-7 |
APPENDICES A. DBS Dialogues Tracks Charles & Keith's Steps to Asia, Middle East and Europe B. Retail Sales Index, Food & Beverage Services Index (March 2012) C. The world is at his feet D. Singapore retail industry faces challenges ahead

Charles and Keith is one of the many popular brands in
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Threats- Challenges in the Retail industry: Even with the increasing record of tourist arrivals since the integrated resorts opened in 2010, the numbers has not helped in boosting the retail industry in Singapore. This means that the local Charles & Keith can only depend on the small local market. (Refer APPENDIX D)
Threat of New Entrants. One trend that started over a decade ago has been a decreasing number of independent retailers a majority of them are chain stores. Thus this means that any retail company can open a new store selling shoes and accessories thus high threats of new entrants.
Power of Suppliers: In the retail industry, suppliers tend to have very little power. Charles & Keith produce their own products and they only get their raw materials from China thus Suppliers for C&K has little power.
Power of Buyers: Generally, customers have little bargaining power therefore Charles & Keith has a certain degree of purchasing power that will continue to attract female consumers making them at an advantage.
Availability of Substitutes: Retailers offering products that are unique have a distinct or absolute advantage over their competitors. Like Charles & Keith, they have their own unique in-house design that makes them different from their competitors thus they have an advantage.
Competitive Rivalry: