Charles I of England and England I. Puritan Essay

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The Puritan Mission in New England

I. Puritan model of colonization A. Family farms & family labor
B. Covenant w/ God
C. Small, close-knit communities

II. Puritans: Reforming the Reformation A. Martin Luther’s 95 theses (1517)

B. English Reformation : Henry VIII (1540)

1. Church of England (COE)=“established” religion

C. The Puritan Critique of the Church of England (COE) 1. Congregational authority (v. COE’s church hierarchy)

2. Bible’s authority (v. COE’s clergy/ritual)

D. Puritan Critique of English Monarchs 1625-1646 Reign of Charles I

III. Massachusetts Bay Colony (MBC): The Puritan Errand in 1830

A. Pilgrims (Separatists/Plymouth)

& There not really good navigators, they wanted to land for south.

Puritans (Congregationalists/MBC) They want to purify the church on new england

Document from John Winthrop
B. Lessons learned from Jamestown- became a royal colony in 1629
1. Location & Charter & Govt. There weren’t prepared to live on this land.
A member of the church,
A man
Owned Land

2. Colonists (1630) middle class families
People who earned property,
People who had skills
Health was good
Port , Fish and Timber
Education and Literacy

Harvard (1636) Connecticut, Ma Printing Press
Will and Mary (1693) Virgina , Va. Printing press 1729 Families




C. Puritan Values 1. Calvinism (John Calvin, 1509-64) human depravity