Charlie Brooker Manipulating Society

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Alexander Lambert IGCSE Assignment 3
Charlie Brooker Manipulating Society?
The Selfish Views towards Facebook.
Charlie Brooker is finding a way to vigorously feast on the reader’s mentality to create an army of manipulative robots attempting to destroy Facebook’s reputation. Brooker’s views are mostly fixated on the negative side of Facebook, which quite frankly I nearly fell asleep too while drinking my cup of tea reading it. However, I thought about what Brooker said and as a result of this it made me realize Brooker’s True intentions.
Brooker states in his recent article that “You and your hopes and dreams are nothing but a miniscule malleable blip as far as Facebook is concerned.” What is it I’m going to do? Facebook does not care about my hopes and dreams. Well, quite frankly, Brooker, Facebook does not know me and the same principle goes for every other person that knows my mere existence. The only people who will care is family, friends, and probably the homeless person I gave a fiver to on the street the other day, but other than that well I do not think anyone cares.
Brooker also explains that “They’re all at it.” Now come one. The only thing social networks are doing is exploiting my opinions on what films I like to watch on Netflix, what people I like follow on twitter and what YouTube I might have interest in. Please it’s hardly that social networks are trying to take control of the world. I think you’re a bit persistent and need to open your eyes and realize that they are only a company who are trying to earn money to make a living. So instead of writing negatively, article after article, why don’t you sit in your chair, sip some coffee, eating a shortbread biscuit, reading a book because you’re living in the past. Social networks are part of modern society.
Brooker also claims that “The fine folk of Facebook are so hopelessly disconnected from ground level emotional reality.” Brooker, when will you realize that Facebook is not