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Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in London, England, on April 16th 1889. His father was a vocalist and actor; and his mother was an actress and singer. Charlie inherited natural talents from his parents. Charlie made his professional appearance as a member of "The Eight Lancashire Lads.”
Chaplin was twelve when he got his first chance to act in a real stage show, and played as "Billy" the page boy in “Sherlock Holmes". Soon after Charlie started a career as a comedian in vaudeville. Finally working at vaudeville took him to the United States in 1910 as a headliner with the Fred Karno Repertoire Company. People in America loved his acting, especially in a sketch called "A Night in an English Music Hall". Chaplin was offered a motion picture contract when he returned to the United States in 1912.
He agreed to appear on the cameras in November 1913. His approach in the cinema took place that month when he joined Mack Sennett and the Keystone Film Company. His salary was usually $150 a week, but his overnight success on the screen made other producers starts to negotiate for his service. When his Sennett contract was finished, Charlie moved on to the Essanay Company in 1915.
The following year Charlie was in more demand and signed with the Mutual Film Corporation to make 12 two-reel comedies. Such as "The Floorwalker", "The Fireman", "The Vagabond", "One A.M.”, "The Count", "The Pawnshop", "Behind the Screen", "The Rink", "Easy Street", "The Cure", "The Immigrant" and "The Adventurer".
When his contract expired, Chaplin decided to become producer for more freedom and greater chance in making his movies. In order to do so he busied himself with the construction of his own studios. This took place in Hollywood at La Brea Avenue.
Early in 1918, Chaplin entered into an agreement with the First National Exhibitors’ Circuit, a new organization specially formed to exploit his pictures. His first film he made under this new deal was "A Dog’s Life". After this creation, he turned his attention to a national tour on account of the war effort. He also made a film that the US government used to popularize