Charlie Chaplin APUSH Essay

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Tin Nguyen
11 March 2015
The Roaring Twenties : Charlie Chaplin
1. Background Information
a. In 1919, Chaplin co­founded the distribution of United Artists, therefore giving him full control over his movies.
b. He had created many many silent films and became the king of the silent film industry. c. He released his first political film in 1940, “
The Great Dictator” creates controversial opinion throughout the nation.
d. His popularity quickly declined by the controversial statements, forcing him to leave the United States and settled in Switzerland.
2. How Charlie Chaplin shaped the life in 1920s
a. Even at 18, he was the most successful comedian throughout the nation.
b. Chaplin introduced comedy to the nation, while it has no entertainment other than speeches and music.
c. In 1921, Chaplin released
“The Kid” . And with instant success, by 1924, the movie was aired in more than 50 countries and influenced the world about poverty.
d. In 1928,
“The Circus” was released and quickly became another big hit for Chaplin.
In the first Academy Awards, Chaplin won over 7 different categories including, Best
Versatility and Genius in Acting, Best Directing and Producing.
3. Last impact in the American life.
a. In the 1940s, Chaplin has faced a lot of controversial throughout his last years. He released
“The Great Dictator” to ridicule Adolf Hitler. But sees it as a comedic thing, not aware that it has created a huge amount