Charlie Singer's Home: A Short Story

Words: 1690
Pages: 7

Sitting at the now dust free kitchen table, they discuss their immediate needs over dinner. Charlie volunteer’s to clean the house and do the laundry while Bass takes a look at the plumbing, chimney and stovepipe. They’ll also need to get something more permanent setup for the horses.

They work together to clean up dinner, before heading to bed.

Throwing back the bedspread in the master bedroom, Bass pats the sheets, pleased with the minimal dust that rises “That's not so bad. Hell of a lot better than the ground.” he comments before turning to leave.

Charlie snaps to attention from where she’s leaning against the window, looking out across the lake, “Where are you going?”

“I’ll sleep in the other room and let you get some rest.”

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She knows because she wakes every morning to his haunted eyes. “You still won’t tell me what I’m saying?”

“Goodnight, Charlotte,” Bass says softly, closing the door silently behind him.

Walking to the room across across the hall, he closes the door, leaning against it heavily. How is he supposed to tell her that every night when he closes his eyes, all he can see is the explosion that took the life of his best friend, and every night when she calls out his name, it breaks his heart all over again.

Shedding his boots and jacket, weapons within arms reach, he yanks the dusty bedspread off the bed and collapses.


Dust motes dancing in the sunshine are the first thing Bass sees when he opens his eyes the next day. With a groan he rolls to his back, scraping a hand across his face, as his surroundings fall into place. He has a full day ahead of him and can tell he’s slept longer than he’d meant to.

Slipping on his boots and weapons, he crosses the hall to a room that looks like a hurricane has blown
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“I’m here, Bass! I’m here!”

Taking off down the path, he meets her a moment later as she comes up over the hill, carrying a fishing pole and a string of fish. She’s barefoot, with her jeans rolled up to her calves, her hair piled in a messy bun on top of her head. Bass doesn’t think he’s ever seen a prettier sight . but that doesn’t stop him from grasping her arms tightly shaking her shoulders. “You scared me to death! I woke up and you were gone!” he shouted harshly before pulling her close to wrap his arms around her.

Charlie huffs in annoyance and surprise, her arms flung out to either side, her hands full of fish and poles. She opens her mouth to speak just as he leans down to press his lips against hers.

“Oh!” is all she can think, as his warm lips move against hers, his tongue flicking out to lick her lips as he pulls her closer, one hand centered warmly on her back as the other caresses her neck and jaw. Charlie melts against him with a moan as her tongue tangles softly with his