Charlotte Beers (Ogilvy & Mather) Case Analysis Essay

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Charlotte Beers (Ogilvy & Mather)
Case analysis

At the point of planning to the launch of the business, the owner of the business is very passionate and usually experienced in the line-of-business; as David Ogilvy was at the age of 38 when he started his own advertising agency in 1948. Ogilvy & Mather, an advertising agency was started in New York and expanded worldwide. By 1991, O&M was ranked the largest marketing company in the world.[1] But there comes a time when a company must look to adapt a change. With competition growing, clients of O&M changed their demands. O&M was a high-cost agency that was failing in controlling their budget and lowering their cost; they failed to see the reason for a change. Due to that fact, O&M
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But one of the best ways to create ideas is debating. Many methods or models can be used in these meetings to form ideas. One of the models used in O&M’s meeting was McKinsey “7-S”[4] model. “The 7-S model is a tool for a framework for analyzing organizations and their effectiveness. It looks at the seven key elements that make the organizations successful, or not: strategy; structure; systems; style; skills; staff; and shared values.”[5]
Figure 2 The 7-S model

At the meeting with Charlotte Beers and the executives of O&M, many concerns were raised and everyone had their own ideas of which department needs focus and what needs to be changed. At the end of the day, they all felt a great deal of pessimism in the sense that if this was just another chat session or were they really going to move forward. But along the same line, they also felt right about their new leader. There will always be uncertainty in these meetings but when ideas are created and there’s follow-up, those uncertainties disappear. From that meeting, they had come up with 22 to-do items that needed to be change. To make a successful change, it must be formulated in such a way that it communicates and supports the “vision” of the company. Charlotte Beers transformed that list into three strategies: 1. Client Security. Let’s focus our energy, resources and passion on our present clients. It takes three years to replace the