Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Beautiful Country Estate Essay

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In “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman the narrator and her significant other John, are living in a rented beautiful estate for the summer. The narrator suffers from what is believed to be a “temporary nervous depression.” John is not only her husband but also her doctor; he asks her to rest as much as possible and puts her in a large room on the top floor instead of the smaller room on the bottom story. The narrator feels uncomfortable with the estate she is living in but respects her husband’s decision. The narrator is forbidden from being active, working, and writing. She believes that having a secret journal will help relieve her mind. In the journal she shares her thoughts about the estate but he is mostly disturbed by the yellow wallpaper in the bedroom, with its strange, formless pattern, and describes it as “revolting.” After being completely disturbed by the yellow wallpaper, she soon becomes obsessed with it. The narrator’s imagination starts to overtake her mind as she starts to trace the wallpaper; she soon is convinced that a woman is trapped within the paper. Before the narrator departs the house, she feels that she must free the trapped woman by stripping the wallpaper. As john enters the room, she declares that she is free creating john to faint. The important events in “The Yellow Wallpaper” can be broken down into three main events. The first event is when the narrator and john arrive to the beautiful country estate to rest. She is immediately irritated with the ugly yellow wallpaper surrounding her. As the narrator is trapped in the room with others to just rest, she starts to become slightly obsessed with the wallpaper. She soon is convinced there’s a woman stuck