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How to make your own charm bracelet

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Creating your own charm bracelet is a great project to keep your creative side flowing. Have you ever seen a charm bracelet that you thought was really pretty and out of the ordinary, and when you asked the person where they got that bracelet from they replied, “Oh this I made that”. Well now you can also make your own as well. Making your own piece of jewelry is fun, and exciting seeing what your thoughts come out to be. To make your own charm bracelet takes patience, correct material, and creativity.
First when you want to create your own charm bracelet you need to make sure you have space to yourself. Otherwise you will feel overwhelmed and you need to stay focused. When creating your charm bracelet have patience, which is one thing that is going to give you a great outcome when finished. Having patience is a welcome sign to your bracelet, you may feel frustrated when a piece won’t cooperate but just take a breather and it will work out.
The second thing you want to do is make sure you have all the correct material when making your charm bracelet. You may purchase the material and such at your local craft or hobby store. You will need some jewelry tools like, needle nose pliers, your chain bracelet, charms of your choosing, clasp to close it off, and also some super glue. Those are the materials that you need to make your charm bracelet. For your chain make sure the holes are big enough for the rings of the charm to hang off of. If your charms do not have the rings on them you may need to purchase those as well you don’t want anything to fall off. You will have to attach the rings to the charm first before you attach the charm to the chain bracelet.
Also for your charms you can choose anything that interests you, sports, religious, fairytale, flowers, etc. You can choose as many charms as you want when creating this, if you want to use 5 or 10 you may this is your creation. Those are all options when deciding your charm bracelet. When you have your charms picked out and are ready to attach them to the chain bracelet, lay your chain bracelet out flat and decide where you want to put your charms, what order and such. When you have that figured out you just need to take the first charm and put the needle nose pliers inside the ring of the charm and open the pliers up, then slip the ring of the charm into the chain hole of the bracelet, once you have that done you put the needle nose pliers on the outside of the ring and close the pliers now your charm is attached to the bracelet. Repeat the following step