Chart: Human Trafficking and Courtney’s House Essay

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Sex sells. Often times without the true consent of the one providing the services. In the D.C area there are thousands of sex traffickers who don’t have a say in who they share their body with. All they may know is the consequences of not doing what they are told. They have their life snatched away from them and traded in for money. Many of them may even be forced into a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol use adding to their increase belief that they are not valued in society. Many of them eventually start seeing the use of drugs and alcohol as a cure to escape the reality of the real world. Sadly, this is the life of a child sex trafficker. Adolescents within the sex trafficking community range from ages 12 – 14 and are often led into this lifestyle by abusive relationships/family members, mingling with the wrong crowd, or even by kidnapping. Many times these children are unable get away from this horrible lifestyle, but there are the lucky few who do. This is exactly what happened to founder of Courtney’s House in Washington D.C, Tina Frundt. When she was able to finally break free of this horrific industry, she made a vow to herself that she would do her part to help individuals who unfortunately have been taken down this path in life.

Tina Frundt created Courtney’s house with a mission of helping adolescents currently engaged in the sex trafficking lifestyle, or attempting to get out of it. At Courtney’s House, she draws on her