Chartoff Publishing: El Diablo E-Book Case Essay

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The Case of “El Diablo” E-Book
MAN 104: Ethical and Moral Issues in Business and Management

The Chartoff Publishing is as good as any other commercial publishing house doing business, to release their own e-book, the El Diablo Series as long as it is legal. And if they do not, then they should consider drafting a new Articles of Incorporation for the rebirth of a new business.
And since I am the one making the call, yes, we might just do that.
Changing the Articles of Incorporation might sound far too drastic and exaggerated for the purpose of resolving the ethical dilemma of the subject case study but it is enough to drive the point home. There was no very clear indication on how vulgar or obscene the El
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But it does not seem to be the case. Why? There are enough crimes committed without a book or two to influence them.
According to some studies conducted and the records of the US police, there was already enough violence in America, about half of which was caused by Black Americans. This was alarmingly disproportionate considering that Black Americans composed only about 14% of the population.
If this is the case, the idea that the El Diablo series would become a propaganda promoting violence and obscenity among the black community would be hard to support. Apparently, the

root cause for these violence lies on the deep-seated racial discrimination against minorities that dates back to 17th century. Unfortunately, even though the laws support equality among people of colors, the stereotyping of black inferiority and white dominance, of the masters and slaves heritage cannot be easily erased. This racial discrimination against the black community is usually manifested on their lack of access to public services which marginalized them to the poorest section of society.
Theoretically, as some suggest, anyone is as capable as the other in committing crimes of violence regardless of their race; however, poverty speaks the difference. Since the blacks are more deprived than the whites, they are more likely to engage in criminal activities in order to gain what society cannot provide them as equals.
So, if the relationship of