ChastityShelton CS204 Unit 2 Assignment Leadership Image Management Essay

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Image Management – Your Professional Presence
Chastity Shelton
CS204: Professional Presence
January 20, 2015
Professor Natasha Sessoms
Image Management
The career field that most closely represents my desired career field would be the Medical Professional. The individual in my scenario was very professional. The individual was dressed in scrubs, presented herself to be professional, and she seems to have good communication skills which is a must for working with patients and families. I did not find anything that I would consider unprofessional in the way that she presented herself. The individual made good points that a person in the medical profession should be personable, able to relate to others well, ethical, approachable and be empathetic. Not everyone in the medical field wears scrubs so as she said I would check the dress code policy to ensure you align with what is required by the organization for your position.
In my individual profession, Administrative Assistant II for Diabetes Center, the appropriate attire is business casual, which means no jeans or sneakers are to be worn and you must dress nicely and be presentable. I personally believe that in my experience, what makes an individual professional in my career field is someone that is organized, carries themselves professionally, personable, non-discriminative, ethical, and approachable. In my profession, you have to be willing to accept criticism and be flexible to change and you have to be very