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Chapter 8 Solutions

Review Questions

What step can you take when you install a DCHP server to ensure that IP addresses are only assigned by a DHCP server managed by a server administrator in your company?
Answer: c. Authorize the server.

What is DHCPv6?
Answer: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) is for networks that use IPv6.

Your company has Microsoft Windows Server 2008 servers functioning as DCs. The IT department is debating whether to use Microsoft DNS or a free open source version of DNS that one of the system programmers likes. What are some reasons for using Microsoft DNS? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: c. Microsoft DNS is fully compatible with Active Directory. and d. Microsoft DNS can be
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In Step 7, two other zone data replication options are available:
To all DNS servers in this forest: domainname
To all domain controllers in this domain (for Windows 2000 compatibility); domainname

In Step 11, the other options for dynamic updates are:
Allow both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates
Do not allow dynamic updates

Of these options Allow both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates is least secure, because updates can be accepted even from sources that are not trusted.

In Step 13, students should verify that the new reverse lookup zone is created by looking for it in the right pane.

Activity 8-3

In this activity, students learn how to manually create a new host address (A) resource record.

In Step 4, the options on the shortcut menu include:
New Host (A or AAAA)
New Alias (CNAME)
New Mail Exchanger (MX)
New Domain
New Delegation
Other New Records
All Tasks
Export List

Activity 8-4

In this activity, students verify the dynamic update setup for the DNS server.

In Step 3, students should find that the default Dynamic updates: setting is Secure only. The other options are:
Nonsecure and secure

Activity 8-5

This activity enables students to practice troubleshooting a problem with a DNS server by stopping and restarting the DNS Server and DNS Client services via Server Manager.

Activity 8-6

In this