Chaucer's Exodus Essay

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Paper Proposal: Chaucer’s Exodus
Thesis statement:
Through the symbolic representation of Chanticleer’s dream of his forthcoming doom, the widow’s attempt to rescue him from the enemy, and his escape from his death by the fox in the “Nun’s Priest’s Tale”, Chaucer establishes figurative allusions to the Biblical revolution of the Exodus to prove that we as a society are awaiting an end to the corruption of our political leaders.
Topic sentence one:
Using Chanticleer’s foreshadowing nightmare, Chaucer uses connections to the symbolic prophecies leading up to the Exodus of the Israelites in the old testament should not be ignored in order to show that we as people need to be aware of signs to seize opportunities to change our leadership policies for the better.
Concrete detail:
Once Chanticleer realizes that he’s in the hand of the enemy, he instantly regrets that he “took no account of his dreams” (Chaucer 228).
Topic sentence two:
Through the widow’s family’s attempt to rescue Chanticleer from the fox, Chaucer uses their interpretation as the Israelites to prove that we as a society need to riot and revolt against the corruption of our leaders.

Concrete detail:
Once they realize that Chanticleer’s been taken, the “blessed widow and her daughters… [shout], [run]… so that it [seems] the very heavens [will] fall” (Chaucer 229-230).
Topic sentence three:
Through Chanticleer’s escape of the fox, Chaucer draws connections to the Exodus to illustrate that there is