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How to make cheap traveling fun

For the past previous years, I was fascinated and addicted to travelling. Either it is domestic, international or just hanging around. Sometimes, I did it myself if I have no one who wants to go with me. Oftentimes, I did it with travel buddies and my frequent travel buddy is my loving daughter.

While traveling alone or with someone, I always ensure that I can control myself to any excessive expenses since of course traveling is an expensive things. However, traveling is not so expensive if you only know the tricks and ways on how to make it cheaper. I will discuss some of those ways that I am doing and practicing for quite some time now since I was addicted exploring places.

Once of the things that I ensure of is that, whenever I want to visit a place, I use internet as my start up. I surf the internet to gather information about the place. How to go there, available mode of transportation, alternative route going there etc. I also noted down the scenic spots for that certain place and the number of hours a traveller should spend in exploring that scenic spots. I jot down all the expenses I need to allocate for my budget. Examples are the meal expenses, transport cost, entrance fees for the scenic spots, souvenir cost, tips, etc. After knowing the expenses, I will eliminated those spots which can be skipped and just maintain those that is a “must see”. This way you can just work on the budget you’ve allocated for the trip. If it’s possible, I will bring some of the meals like canned goods and crackers so that my meal expenses will be just minimal so I can have some spare money to use for extra activities or to just buy food, which is famous for that place.

Furthermore, during my trip I make it sure that everything I need for the trip are packed up on my travelling bag because if you forget something, this means that you will buy it along the way which will add up to your expenses and sometimes overshoot your budget. Packing properly is important as it saves time and more importantly, it makes you relax and not in a hurry hence no stress to enjoy your travelling. One tip also is to look for