Cheater, Cheater Essay

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Cheater, Cheater!

You’re sitting in class, taking a test when you notice your classmate peering over his paper onto yours. What do you do? Do you tell the teacher or continue to let him be a cheater? Most people wouldn’t dream of cheating but there are those few people who do and we don’t know what to do. Cheating is unfair, unjust, and annoying. It distracts us from our work. It also develops a bad character. Even they are friends cheating is not right. Cheating should be reported immediately. One should tell the teacher if you catch someone doing it in class. Many people feel conflicted about telling on their friends but it is for their own good. A good character should be developed at a young age. Cheating tarnishes one’s chance to do this. By turning them in, you’re helping them build good morals and influencing them to make better decisions in the future. Also, if he or she is truly your friend, then they will understand that turning them in was for their own good and they will later thank you.

Cheating should be reported immediately in any occasion as it always is incredibly bothersome and distracting. When you catch someone cheating, you immediately start to think about what to do. Should you turn them in? Should you let it slide? Should you tell them to stop? While all these thoughts are going through your head, you are wasting the time you have for taking your test. Now, instead of working, you’re fretting over the cheater. Along with a thousand action plans popping in your head, you also have to be extra protective about your answers as you don’t want him or her cheating off of your paper. It now takes longer to write down your answers since you are constantly attempting to keep your answers covered at all times.

Most importantly, it is unfair to you and everyone else taking the test. You sat up all night and studied for the test as did most of the people in the class. It is not fair if someone takes credit for one’s work. They may get a great score but the people who actually tried and put effort into getting an exceptional score on the test don’t get the praise they deserve. The people who didn’t study should suffer the consequences of their actions. You shouldn’t have to give up your hard work for them. Not turning in cheaters influences them to continue. If you don’t report them the first time, they’re going to think that you are ok with them cheating off of you and they will continue to cheat.