Cheating and Important Test Essays

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When it comes to cheating, I think it is wrong and nobody should do it. I think it is UN fair to the person you are cheating off and its hurting you as well. The person that study hard should receive there full credit not have someone else take it from them to. However in the long run it is hurting you as well because you are not learning anything and one day your gone end up needing to know this stuff and won’t happen because you just cheated your way through it. When it does come to cheating either way it is just wrong, but if I had a really important test and I could safely do it, I most likely would. I mean 9 times out 10 if a person can get away with cheating they are going to do it. This is because this is the easy way out, you don’t have to study you have to stay up late or get up early to review. You can just come to class and be fine because your using someone else work. Who wouldn’t want it to be that easy? I probably would to a certain extinct, if I knew I study hard for this, and when I got there just did not seem to still get it, and I could safely do cheat then I would. Because it all reality it is an Important test at the same time I can do it without not getting caught and just leave it at that. I feel this way because I know most of everyone has done and been completely fine. I feel that is unfair, so why shouldn’t I be able to? They can, so I guess I can too. Why do other people go there whole life cheating their way through and it is okay for…