Cheating: Marriage and High Technology Essay

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Jessie Bayas
Mr. Chang
English 3
25 July 2013

The Cheater
A “perfect” family must consist of a husband, a wife and children that don’t really have many problems; live in a safe neighborhood and both parents have an adequate job. Many couple that want to start a family dream of this perfect family, but nowadays couples and families all over the world deal with major problems within the family on a daily basis, cheating is one issue that breaks up a couple when a partner is caught, and also leads to divorce, which affects their children, relatives, and friends, and technology just makes it easier for someone to cheat.
Although working hard to give your family what they really need such as food, a home, and things for school or saving up for college; and just want to them to have a better future does not always end up the way people want it to be. In some cases, wives get bored and meet new people and the lack of the husband being around from working a lot makes the wife neglect the wife duty and start cheating on their husband and also vice versa. A partner can usually tell when their partner is cheating because their partner start acting different and they start doing unusual stuff such as meeting old friends on a unusual time and/or day, and constantly starting to work multiple overtime at work. A cheater is caught most of the time and once the cheater is caught their partner usually wants a divorce that breaks up the family. Children are the ones that get affected by this because once their parents get a divorce they do not function as a family anymore. The mother usually gets custody of the children and the father get limited visitation and sometimes don’t get to see their children, and when children grows up without a father figure they usually grow up a little different; a little rebellious, blames their father for everything thinking he left them. However in some cases a parent does leave because they want to feel happy and found someone else because love and chemistry between parents has vanish and now a days it is just way easier for someone to find another partner with all the new high technology. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? Most would agree that it is. However, as wonderful as it may be, it doesn’t always mean it is a good thing. There is no doubt technology has made our lives easier, more manageable, and most things can be done faster and in many cases simpler. Has technology also made it simpler for people to cheat? We might want to first follow that question with another question. What is cheating and why do so many people do it? Most people would agree that cheating is deceitful and one who obtains answers by cheating is not practicing good integrity. A partner in a relationship sometimes gets tired of their partner or simply just loses interest. These days it is easy for someone to cheat on their partner with all the high technology all over the world. Some people cheats on their partner from a dating website, and the dating

website does everything for you such as look for a partner with the same interest, hobby, age etc... People can access everything now with their phone, such as email, contact someone, website and application for the easy access dating website. Of course high technology is not bad. It has its pros and cons and it just makes it that much easier for someone to cheat. Unfortunately more people other than the children are affected when someone cheats and leads to a divorce; relatives gets involve and in a lot of cases it becomes a family dispute amongst the girl’s family and the guy’s family. When the guy cheats, the family of the girl will blame him for breaking up the family and they will make the guy’s life miserable by doing all the legal rights that the girl have such as child support, alimony, and not let the guy see his