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Cheating the Future

“You think of how easy it was to cheat. All that matters is getting the grade.” (Wenke 564). More and more people are realizing that it is really simple to cheat now-a-days with all the new technology out there. It easy to do and is now becoming very hard to pass up. I mean why write an essay and spend hours typing it when you can just find one on the internet or pay someone 10 dollars to do it right? Although this may be okay or harmless to some people, this can become a huge problem in the future when cheaters begin to do it more consistently and it starts to diminish the hard work of the honest individuals.
With technology growing faster and faster every day, the things that used to be thought as impossible are now possible. Almost all of the newer cell phones have features that at one point were not even imaginable, from picture messaging and voice notes that can be recorded and sent in a matter of seconds to apps that will do all math problems for you and also show you how they are done as well. Some of these features or apps are probably not meant for cheating and just intended to help instead but like almost everything else that is there to help people, there are some individuals that will take advantage of these and misuse them for negative purposes. The internet as well as cell phones has become very useful tools in cheating. There are now websites that will actually write essays or actually give you past written essays about the same subject for as little of 10 dollars. One advantage of these websites is that they are undetectable by search engines or anything affiliated with it, so it will be almost impossible for teachers or professors to catch you cheating. Even doing it like the old times by having somebody that you know write down the answers of a test is still used but has evolved to people taking a quick snapshot of the test and sending it to all of their friends. I know many people that used to do this or some even still do these methods in college and in high school very casually on a daily basis and they find almost nothing wrong with it. Most people that do it casually start to find it hard to actually start to do their own work the legitimate way.
People have come to accept cheating and don’t even have the guilty conscious that you usually have when you first start cheating. “My parents had taught me that cheating was wrong, yet I seemed to accept it” (Wenke 566). It can become such a casual thing that some students start to do that it will actually start to become hard not to cheat. I mean, how can you really pass it up? Some students think that why would they spend hours doing an assignment or studying for an exam and risk getting a bad grade by not studying enough, when they can just cheat and almost guarantee that they will get a good grade? It seems almost as if it is a no brainer. If this act is continued the student will one day come to a point where they are not able to cheat such as in an in class assignment or essay and they will not be nearly prepared as an actual student that has not cheated and that has been keeping up to date by continuously doing their own honest work. As these students that continuously cheat are actually only hurting themselves by not getting the knowledge that the other students have been acquiring by actually doing their own assignments and tests.
“The people who were cheating were doing the best in all of my classes. I would study for hours and still pull B’s. They would pull A’s” (Wenke 565). Although the