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Enter these codes on the "Start Menu" quickly:

R2, Dpad Up, X, Square, L1: Fill All Motives
X, Triangle, L2, Square, R1: Give All Plans
Square, Triangle, Dpad Down, X, Dpad Left: Give All Resources
Dpad Left, Dpad Right, Square, R2, Square: Max Current Inventory
L1, Dpad Up, R2, Dpad Left, Triangle: Max Relationships
Triangle, L1, L1, Dpad Left, Triangle: Set Skills
R1, L1, Dpad Down, Square, R2: Unlock Cheat Gnome

Unlock The Vest and Tanktop
1. Start the "Sims 2 Castaway" and go to Fashion and Grooming on the Pause Menu.
2. Once You're in Fashion and Grooming Enter the Code: [Square],[R2],[R2],[Triangle],[D-pad Down]
3. UnlocCheat Codes
Cheat Gnome
Quickly press R1, L1, Down, Square, R2 while on a lot to spawn the Cheat Gnome. The following codes can now be enabled, which will unlock the corresponding options on the Cheat Gnome.

Triangle, L1(2), Left, Triangle.
Add one to skill
Square, Triangle, Down, X, Left.
All crafting resources
R2, Up, X, Square, L1.
All motives
X, Triangle, L2, Square, R1.
All plans
Left, Right, Square, R2, Square.
Maximum current food and resources
L1, Up, R2, Left, Triangle.
Maximum relationships
Square, R2, R2, Triangle, D-pad Down
Unlock the Vest and Tank Top

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Hints, Tips & Tricks
How to get married
There's something alot of people have been wondering and thats how to get married you have to make the wedding beenie and 2 wedding lei's. Lei's are in jewlerry and have to be made on the stone bench with 7 white hibiscus each. The beenie must be made on bench 1. The male has to wear the beenie and th lei and the woman just the lei. Make sure they're in a good mood and their relationship is at 100%.

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Sim standing on water
When your Sim is swimming, press Circle and select an item.

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If your Sim needs a haircut and you do not yet have the sewing kit, go into Fashion & Grooming, and select a hairstyle. Their hair will be groomed again.

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Death Daisy
To get a death daisy to make a potion, you have to wait til someone actually dies. When they do, a Death Daisy will rise in their place. Take it and use it to make teh potion. Then pour it over their grave to resurrect them.

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Easter Eggs
Similar Animations, Hair, And More
Look closely while your Sims are doing things (sitting, talking, runing, power napping, etc.) and you will notice many of the animations are taken from the PC Sims 2, with Power napping from previous console Sim games. The hair and clothing options (most of them at least) are also just downgraded versions of the PC ones.

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Running Toilet
When you have the toilet paper out, start running and tap X while you're still running and the curtain will come up with you still in the running animation. This also happens if you do it while walking.

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Fire Flicker
Light a fire and sometimes, the fire will go out, then come on again in 2 seconds for no reason.

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Stupid Monkeys!!!
At some point, you can get the chimps to gather supplies for you if you befriend them. They will often drop off leaf packets with the supplies in your camp. Soemtimes though, the packs are outside the natural limits of the area. When this happens, you'll accidentally go to the next area, lacking a leaf pack, when you try to step forward and pick it up.k the Exclusive Vest and Tank Top and Your Sims Can Wear Them! Tank Top & Vest
How to unlock: Pause your game and enter the "Fashion and Grooming" menu. Now, enter the following button combination to unlock the Vest and Tank Top: Square, R2, R2, Triangle, Down.

Cheat List
Description: You must enter the "Cheat Gnome" code during gameplay (without pausing): R1, L1, Down, Square, R2. Now, insert the