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Carrying out extensive research on leadership and management is the prime requirement of the case in point to provide a fair assessment of the quote by Peter F. Drucker and express opinion on the matter. Hence, it will be possible to come to a reasonable conclusion on the subject of leadership and management only after due research on the matter to express a valid and correct opinion on the matter.
In order to provide a fair and reasonable analysis of the statement, “management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” made by the great scholar and self-declared ‘Social Ecologist’ it is incumbent on our part to provide a brief description of the two prime protagonists in the statement of the ‘Social Ecologist’ Mr. Peter F. Drucker, these are management and leadership.

Various scholars and authors have given different definition of management. According to Peter Ferdinand Drucker, the basic tasks of management are mainly marketing the product of the organization and marketing of the organization in broader sense and constant innovation to upgrade the product to stay ahead in the competition. Andreas Kaplan has described management as an approach of multi-cultural management and societal management on interdisciplinary principles. Transforming resources of an organization into utilities is how Fredmund Malik has defined management. Taking into account the various definition given by these scholar and in this respect it is to be mentioned that the list is exhaustive only few instances have been provide above, management can be simply defined as the process of identification of the mission and objectives of an organization in order to achieve these by utilizing the resources of the organization which includes human, capital, time and other valuable resources. To achieve the objectives of the organization management plays the most significant role in the whole organization. Those responsible for the management of the organization are known as managers. Managers have all the necessary powers to carry out the day to day operations of the business to attain the goals of the organization.
Often many underestimate the necessity of management in running a business; the importance of management can be understood from the findings of recent research according to 95% of the businesses which do not have proper managerial staffs end up winding up its business within a period of 5 years. An organization may have abundant amount of resources in its disposal but non-judicial utilization will result in huge losses and finally winding up of the business. Judicial and optimum utilization of resources is only possible through the proper management of resources. Hence, management is the catalyst in bringing the raw materials, capital and labour together to convert these into production. (Allen, Maguire & McKelvey, 2011.


The huge weight that the word leadership carries with it can be understood from the very fact that if asked to give definition more often than not you will have different answers from different leaders from the field of business. (Öhman, Häckner, Jansson & Tschudi, 2006) The part of the problem is this, i.e. defining leadership; different people have different definition of leadership. According to Napoleon Bonaparte, leadership is about hope, i.e. the leader provides hope to the people in achieving the objective which the team has set out to achieve. In his words, “A leader is a dealer of hope.” Bill Gates has said that leadership is about empowering others. Adeoye Mayowa in his book, ‘A leadership Manager in Nigeria (2009)’ has said that the ability of evaluating and forecasting a long term plan and policy to influence the followers to travel in the right path to achieve the said strategy. Number of people have given number of definition when it comes to leadership, there is no