Check Point: Development Of Corrections

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Check Point: Development of Corrections

Today in society prison a place where people are physically confined and usually deprived of such wide range of personal freedom the overall imprisonment or incarceration penalty that may have been imposed by the state for the crime that the person have committed.

Prison for women were non-existent before the 1800s. When you through about the prison it was all the men, women and children all in one room together. Later on in the 1800s women who were put into prison were being treated no different from men. When the women were in prison they had to endure hard labor like cooking, cleaning, laundry and sewing but no matter what went on in prison women were expected to act like women should act but treated like man. In the women prison today a lot of things have change women are now kept separated from the men even though in certain state there are men and women still in the same prison but in different buildings. Prisons today have now started to offer prisoner education course for them to earn their high school GED, also job training to make things easier for the prisoner to be able to maintain a job and a bed for them to sleep in.
There were three arguments that they were trying to establish in the 1800s that supported the separation of the juveniles from adult prisoners would be that if the juveniles were put into the same penitentiary with the adults.
Secondly, people felt that the juveniles would learn bad habits from