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The three types of leadership styles that should be used for the Denver Airport Project are transformational, directive and empowering leadership. Transformational leadership should be used because the City of Denver seemed to have high expectations and this type of leadership motivates the team to work toward the goals and do more than expected. Issuing instructions and commands that align with the goals would include the use of Directive leadership. Lastly empowering leadership should be used as it encourages independent action, opportunity thinking, teamwork, self-development, self-reward and participate in goal setting.
Similar to what our book says about transformational leadership, it can be defined as “Transformational
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The traits of the leader and the type of team will display how confidence is managed based on the statement “When a project seems well within reach, dampening overconfidence can ensure that energy remains focused on achieving it; when it appears almost out of reach, encouraging greater confidence can ensure that the motivation remains focused on achieving it” (Useem, 1998, p. 122). The Denver Airport project encountered many delays in opening which could impact the performance of the team to get the tasks done to complete the project.
According to our text, “Self-directed teams offer the most potential for innovation, enhance goal commitment and motivation and provide opportunity for organizational learning and change. (Thompson 9)”. This type of team would depend on each other to adjust confidence based on where the project is, within their reach or out of reach. 3M has proven that changing to self-directed teams has increased productivity, the 3M Hutchinson facility increased production gains by 300 percent. “By backing self-directed work team efforts with effective training for both employees and management, 3M has developed a high-involvement work culture that contains multiskilled jobs, promotes empowerment, is