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What are the three dimensions of business problems? Provide examples of each.
First there are organizational dimensions which consist of politics, inadequate resources, business environment, and outdated business processes. If our resources are outdated and/or inadequate, they can lead to miscommunications, poor representations, and deliverability issues. Changes within the business environment can bring new problems with the new system, as well as cause new conflicts with the merger of the prior system. Office politics can also bring environmental changes that result in conflict fighting within the business.
Secondly, there are technological dimensions consisting of inadequate and outdated hardware, outdated software, inadequate databases and servers, and technological advances. Servers can cause problems sending and receiving information within the network. Databases can have an inadequate amount of space to hold the necessary information within the system. If your hardware (computer) becomes outdated, it may lack the speed, programs, storage, and more for your business to expand and operate. With rapid technological advances our software may become outdated and obsolete.
Third we have the people dimension of problems. These consist of training, recruitment, environment, support, and management. It is up to our Human Resources Department to recruit suitable, desired individuals, and to provide them with up-to-date, adequate training. If we have conflicts amongst employees, this can create environmental problems within the company. This can then lead to a lack of employee motivation and support.

What is the difference between IT and information systems? Describe some functions of information systems.
The difference between information technology (IT) and information systems, is that IT is comprised of servers,