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Check syllabus course schedule link
All recitations and hw should be sumbitted to classes
Expression: something that has type,value. Ex: 3’s type is int and its value of; 3+4’s type is int and its value is 7; abed’s type is string (str) and its value is abed; 3.0 + 5’s type is float and its value is 8.0; Bool is True and False note: make sure they start with capitals.
Shell is important because it tests your work
Typing in 3 will return 3-it is a literal value
Typing in backslash (\) is an escape character. ex: ‘I can\’take it!’
Snakepit is shell
Type control n to get programming window
For compile shortcut it’s Alt + x
Compile goes through the code line by line and checks for syntax errors and it gets ready to run. Puts function definitions into global namespace. Puts code into RAM.
Execute shortcut is F5
Print ( ) stuff in parenthesis is called parameters/arguments. They are used for communication
Function definition: type “def” followed by name of function
Valid identifier:
1. Must begin with a letter or underscore; should not begin by a number, however they can follow the letter or undercore.
2. No spaces
Has to be verb like (explain what the function does) ex:calc_tax.amt means calculate tax amount
Other styling calcTaxAmt note: there are no spaces in both styles (it is not allowed)
Function example: tuneName( ) note stuff in parenthesis is parameters. Write ‘’’ docString ‘’’ everytime you define a function.
There is one function you do not need to write docString for is main ()
Function Call: