Checklist: Left-handedness and Annabelle Essay

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Infant Checklist


Skill Demonstrated SD

Can Perform Skill with Support CP

Seen by a Third Party 3D

No Opportunity to Observe NP

|Item |Key |Evidence |
|Motor Development | | |
|Uses finger and thumb (pincer grasp) to pick up|SD |On June 13, I saw Annabelle was looking at a toy book, and used her pincer |
|objects | |grasp to turn the pages. |
|Reaches for objects with both arms |SD |Annabelle held toys and balls with both arm on June 14 and June 20. |
|Transfers objects from one hand to other |SD |Annabelle transfers a bell from left hand to right hand fluently on June 14 |
|Handles, shakes and pounds objects |SD |Annabelle is able to shakes the music instrument and beat toy drums on June |
| | |20 |
|Holds own bottle |SD |I saw Annabelle was able to holds her own milk bottle. And hold water bottle|
| | |for lunch each day of my observation. |
|Sits alone without support |SD |Annabelle always sat by herself and played with toys |
|Pulls to a crawling position |SD |Annabelle was able to pull to crawling position from sitting position in my |
| | |three times observation. |
|Reaches with one hand |SD |Annabelle closed and opens the box toys in one hand on June 13. |
|Stacks two to four objects |NP |In those three days observation, I didn’t see Annabelle stacking objects. |
|Carries toys from place to place |SD |On June 13, I saw Annabelle carrying a small soft ball in her left and |
| | |crawling to the other side of the room. |
|Perceptual/Cognitive Development | | |
|Imitates facial expressions |NP |I didn’t see Annabelle imitating any facial expressions during in those |
| | |three times observation. |
|Watches people and activities |SD |During Annabelle’s morning snack time on June 12, when Candy answered the |
| | |phone, Annabelle paid all of her attention on her until candy hang up phone.|
|Seeks attention by using body movements, |SD |On June 14, I saw Annabelle using her body movement to seek attention. when |
|verbalizations or both | |Candy was in the kitchen area, Annabelle was crawling quickly to the Candy |
| | |and hold her legs |
|Follows simple instructions such as 'wave |NP |I think Annabelle was not old enough to say simple instruction. Such as |