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CheckPoint Trends in Travel and Tourism Marilyn Nelson HTT/210

As we continue to learn about trends in the industry of travel and tourism we can see that changes have evolved in many ways from the beginning. I believe, as with everything changes will continue to evolve in many ways and sectors.
A trend that I see developing is an increase of ecotourism around the world. The natural environment is facing many threats causing a negative fluctuation in its majesty. Even here in Oklahoma I notice more and more advertisements promoting the enjoyment and preservation of the environment. Especially with the population of Native Americans in Oklahoma. Many advertisements are promoting Oklahoma and all it offers a long with how the Native American culture continues to honor and preserve the natural resources. Continued deforestation, pollution, and population increases are only going to cause more harm the environment. In the future, I see the development of virtual tourism. Rather than pay for a trip to an exotic location an individual will be able to pay a smaller price for a virtual trip. Something of this magnitude will definitely take some time to develop and implement, but I believe it could end up being very popular. Increasing gas prices and travel expenses may offer the perfect opportunity for virtual tourism. Technology is continually making great strides leading me to believe that something such as this many not be too far in the future. A second trend I can see developing in the near future is more localized and community based tourism. . And I have notice how much is offered in Oklahoma, as far as day trips, festivals and local functions for entertainment. People are staying closer to home, because of the high rise in gas and cost of living In light of the United