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Checkpoint: Patient Self- Determination Act
December 15, 2012
Rebecca Arrington

After reading the materials for this week what I found out about the Patient Self- Determination Act was very interesting. I found out that the Patient Self- Determination Act was up and going in the year of 1990. What they said was the purpose of this act was that it required anyone that has getting seen to be able to known what consent was. Also they had the right to know the information about their rights were in making their own decisions on health care decisions in advance as of the information about state regulations that can impact legal choices as well.
Also what I found out is that all of the health care systems like hospitals and clinics are required to inform their patients that are say 18 years old or older what their rights are in having an advance directive in their records. The three advance directives that I see in my reading are ones like living wills, medical power of attorney and health care proxy.
The information said that the patients needed to be informed of written forms by the facilities of laws in whatever state they may be in that are related to advance directives. Also what it says is that they need to sign the notification form so that way they have proof of legal documentation.
I would say that the Patient Self- Determination Act is good for patients and with their records as well because it will allow the people who deal with this to grant their