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Appendix I

Strategies for Gathering Information

Fill in the following information for each of your sources:

• List the APA reference citation for the source. • Determine the credibility of the source. Consider the following criteria:

o What is the purpose and affiliation of the organization or author related to the article? o What are the author’s credentials? o Is the information current? When was the information last updated? o Does the information cross-reference with other sources? o Does the source contain bias without evidence to support the claim?

• Explain in at least two to four sentences what information you can gather from this source.

|Source (formatted consistent with APA |What makes the source credible or |What information can you gather from this |
|guidelines) |noncredible? |source? |
|University Library-ProQuest |I think that the source is credible |I can gather information about the ways back |
| |because it is in the University |then that the authority tried to keep track of |
|“Making Sense of Gun Control” New York Times|library and it looks like an article |who bought guns and how they can connect to the|
|[New York, N.y] 09 July1985 pg.2 #32 |that was back in times in the new York|authority if an illegal person is trying to buy|
|article |paper. |a gun. |
| | | |
| | | |
|University Library-ProQuest |I think this source is also credible |I can gather information on what authorities |
| |because it is made on the student web |have tried to doing or is trying to do to keep |
|“Keep pushing on Gun Control” |sites from the university library, and|guns out the hands of the people that don’t |
|New York Times [New York N.Y.] 06 Sept 1994 |also because it specifically has a |need them and also how to keep guns off the |
|Pg.1 article #16 |date and time where the information is|streets. |
| |coming from and the source to link you| |
| |back to the information. | |
|University Library-ProQuest |I think this information will be |I can gather the Arthur thoughts and opinions |
| |considered in between because this a |about the thought of gun control not being able|
|“Gun Control won’t stop Urban Violence” [New|written letter from a person, but it’s|to stop the urban violence. This part of my |
|York N.Y] 06 Sep 1990 |also in the university library. |essay can include the arguments of whether or |
| | |not guns can be controlled. |
| | | |
| | | |
|University Library- EBSCO Host Pg.4 article |I think the information will be |I think I can gather some interesting facts |