Essay on Cheer: Cheerleading and Big Step

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It is to my deepest sincere that my devotion towards becoming a leadership student is in my willing and power to achieve a desire. This letter is not to bore you nor waste your time I truly hope your dedication in reading this letter is as thoughtful as my dedication to fighting for a spot as a part of this group. You see, as a junior my grades weren’t all that good. Now, this is no excuse to use in this letter therefore I am willing to do anything to get this position. I may not have been chosen to be this student, but I will most certainly not give up. Leadership isn’t easy; I’ve heard this from you and others. It takes responsibility and commitment. As a student of SJLA I’ve gotten the great opportunity to see leadership students work together and put in extra time to make things happen. As a young lady taking responsibilities is a big step. I have grown to create a better person within me. I’ve gotten a job over the summer, paid my own stuff not only for cheer but at home too, helping my parents pay for stuff financially is a great feeling. I have taken the big step in becoming a flier and a back spotter in cheer and hopefully captain for our pom team. As a CheerLEADER this is a big motivation for me to once again become that student that others can look up to or can go to help for, being a leader doesn’t come from an atom, it takes time and patience. It takes destruction and strength to get back up and prove yourself you are better. To lead someone with great honor takes companionship, understandance, responsibilities, and an open heart to be willing to listen to a variety of individuals. Going in and out of classes is something most teachers won’t accept; especially being in a sport, for example cheer. Having all these event that leadership plans but also having to be included with your sport within the event is hard because your also letting