Cheerleading and Junior Sorority Essay

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Kind, determined and ambitious are all but a few characteristics I would use to describe myself, but there stands one quality in which I am most proud of. That quality is the ability to lead and be an amazing leader. Born and raised in a city facing numerous obstacles with little opportunities for youth to dream big with no worries, I have always been determined to become someone the world will never forget. My dreams are immense and I will reach them. I dream of becoming a more superior leader that leads the country to what we want most. My heart desires to help change not only my country but the world to a place where there is love, happiness, equality and peace. I am amazing and the world will soon be too.

I am passionate to help make a change in our society and also passionate about several other things. God, family, acting, sports, dancing, and helping others, are a few of these things. Attending a performing arts school for acting, I spend mostly every day playing different roles, writing scripts or rehearsing lines. Because our school is a performing arts school, we sadly don’t have sports. Since I was so determined to do completive cheerleading this year, another school in the district allowed me to be a part of their team. I was very excited to join the team. Our team has been the best in the season so far! During the summers I volunteer as a junior coach of cheerleaders and dancers who are 9-11 years old, with a non-profit organization in Pop Warner called The Detroit Hurricanes. I started volunteering with The Detroit Hurricanes when I reached the age limit to be able to compete with Pop Warner. Last summer after choreographing their dance and coming up with their adorable costumes, I led them to Nationals competition. I learned so much and absolutely love working with girls who share a great hobby of mine.

I am a very active teenager also involved in several other organizations that teaches me leadership skills and volunteerism. One organization I am in that helps make my character amazing is a junior sorority called The Delsprites sponsored by Delta sigma Theta. The bond between my beautiful sisters in my sorority is so strong. We talk about everything and encourage one another to be on top. I learned the many problems that different girls encounter apart