Cheerleading Persuasive Essay

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When someone says cheerleading you don’t think of competitive cheerleading, the kind that I do, people think of cheerleading where cheerleaders cheer on a football team. Right now cheerleading is not a sport, but about 70% of people think it is! I think that cheerleading should be a sport because it is (mainly) competitive, it requires teamwork, and it is physically demanding. We were given our routine in late August. We had a winter showcase on December 5th. We first competed on December 12th. The thrill of walking on to the competition floor, hoping for a clean run (no deductions), high jumps, straight legs, and more is one of the best, and craziest feelings. Ever. There is pretty much always another team competing. When you are at an away competition, ex. Portland, and your raw score goes up by 0.9, and your placing goes up from 4th to 3rd, it is an even better feeling. something that defines a sport is that the team or individual competes against another team or individual. Check! Cheerleading requires 110% effort from every girl, and loads of teamwork. If no one worked together, stunts would fall, there would be more drama, and the team would pretty much FALL APART. Cheerleading is a team sport. If even 1 girl is missing at a practice, a whole stunt group wouldn’t go up, the team couldn't practice their …show more content…
Come to a practice, and I bet you wouldn’t even be able to get past warmup. Some days our coach is nice, and makes us do the 400 skip, 400 forward, 200 backwards, 100 right leg, 100 left leg, 50 doubles, and 25 backwards doubles. But that's not all, 4 bear walks, 4 sled push, and 4 snakes. Sometimes after that we have to do the run the world work out. Twice. And I haven't even gotten past the warm up yet! Cheerleaders are required to do, handstands, walk overs, handsprings, tucks, layouts, fulls, cartwheel, just to name a few. We also lift 1, sometimes even 2 or 3 people in the air! The people in the air,