Essay about Cheese: Slavery and Landowners

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Juan Longoria
4th Period
11TH Grade Assessment Taken from their land, ripped from their loved, bought to a new world and sold like piece of bread into slavery. Slaves were sold into slavery as workers for hard-cheap labor for landowners, slaves would be subjected to abasement such as being beaten or whipped or sexually exploited. During the 1800's slavery was common in The Confederate States of America, slaves were used in the Confederate States for cheap labor as to where the slave owners or the landowners could make a much higher profit by having slaves work on plantations such as cotton fields or cash crops. Although these plantations brought high profits to landowners, he idea of having slaves to do this work was completely unnecessary, the populations that were mostly affected by idea of slavery were the United States and the Africans that were brought from all different parts of Africa. This issue arose farther back into Egyptian times were slavery was a common practice in all forms and this is still an issue to this day, a study done by Berkley University estimates that there are around ten thousand slaves to this date in the United States alone. Even though some believe that slavery is necessary to have, i believe that it is not necessary to have slavery because the people in the South had hands of their own to manage their own lands and properties instead of having uneducated slaves do the work for them. One reason of why slavery in not necessary to have is because it is not necessary to have people such the African slaves to work on cotton plantations with no payment or the equal right of having their freedom. It is true that certain Africans do not have the ability to take care of themselves or manage themselves in any way but that does give the buyers such as landowners to submit them to abuse to such physical pain like being whipped or to be sexually abused by the landowner or master of the slaves. The Southern society can survive without the necessity of slavery, it may give a great impact to their economy and if the landowners were smart enough, they would take care of their slaves to be able to use the slave to their full advantage instead of beating them for every little thing or giving them such a poor life style to live by. Even though it was ironic for the Confederacy to have their own version of "All men are created equal", was that they kept the ability of having any right that a white man would have. The only right that was ever given to the slave was the ability to have a cloth to cover themselves from being fully exposed to the world. One thing that was common for slaves to do when one of their slaves passed away was that once they died, instead of making the decision of burring the slave's body, the slave owner would have the body tossed into a ditch somewhere and would allow birds such as vultures feast upon the