Cheetah Creative Writing

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With a slight amount of impatient apprehension, I intently stared at the computer screen. Silently waiting to see what would transpire next. Speculating whether I should throw myself back into his sultry temptation and surrender to his enticement or reluctantly slip away like a thief in the night. The message light came on, yet I waited a few minutes before ultimately retrieving it.
"Commit to memory every single day, about how powerful it feels as I propel my cock deep and relentlessly inside you, how your ass effortlessly elevates off the mattress, meeting each fierce thrust reminiscent of a cheetah stalking its prey. Greedily building from one vast orgasm into another, knowing you're going to come so forceful that your body will plummet
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It wasn't exactly as if I had six days to spend away from the intensive undertaking. " My manners, I'm Sara Miller and it's a pleasure meeting you, perhaps we'll run into each other again. If not, enjoy your conference meetings." I leaned back in my seat and again closed my eyes, my thoughts focused upon the handsome incredibly sexy man seated beside me. How long had it been since I had experienced a sexual encounter? This was not the time nor the place to dwell on the fact that it had been over a year, exactly fourteen long months, I corrected myself silently. When had the adventurous and slightly bordering on slutty woman disappeared ? He piqued my attention, and I felt the adrenaline flooding through my body as if a dam had burst under tremendous force. I was now wide awake, " Are you attending the Orthopedic Conference by chance?" I was scheduled to attend that conference in anticipation of adding the new service at a local hospital. I was a Registered Nurse at a community hospital and I had been dreading this conference since it was scheduled in