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Cheikh M El Gharachy
English 1001-234
Dr. Jacobs
December 1st , 2014
Kennedy’s Assassination Theory: CIA
There are a lot of theories related to President Kennedy’s assassination in November 22, 1963. These theories can be classified into two groups. The first one says that the Warren commission report’s conclusion is bona fide, and there was no conspiracy in the assassination. The second group claims many theories that debunk and ultimately reject the lone gunman theory; therefore, the second group believes that there was a second shooter. These theories are numerous, but the most famous one is the CIA implication in the assassination. The CIA had many issues with President Kennedy over the Bay of Pigs and the resignation of Dulles its former director. These factors, among others, led many people to believe in the involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency in the murder of President Kennedy. The CIA was known for killing presidents who did not share with them the same point of view. Therefore, many people pointed their fingers to the CIA when President Kennedy was shot. The CIA tried to hide the evidence, however, the events that happened before the assassination, the autopsy, and the confession of some of its employees confirmed its involvement in the assassination of president Kennedy.
In late 1961, over fourteen hundred members of the Cuban Expeditionary Forces landed at the Bay of Pigs, in Cuba. They wanted to topple the Cuban President, Fidel Castro. They miserably failed in their mission. It became immediately known that the CIA was behind the operation. People found out that the Central Intelligence Agency trained the “freedom fighters” to overthrow the president of Cuba Fidel Castro. President Kennedy assumed the responsibility of the striking failure of the Bay of Pigs, which positively evolved his popularity. His administration staff leaked some information to reporters, accusing anyone except the administration. President J.F. Kennedy was quoted as saying he wanted to, “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds” (cite). Two years later, Kennedy was assassinated along a motorcade route in Dallas. The official government investigation states that Oswald was the only one involved in the assassination. This version did not satisfy the American public. Therefore, people started to question about who benefited the most from President Kennedy’s assassination. The CIA was the first thing that came to the mind of many people. These factors made it clear to the American people that the CIA is involved in the assassination.

Beside its reputation the CIA’s camouflage of the evidence did not go unseen. When the president Kennedy arrived to Parkland’s hospital, a good team of doctors treated him. The team found a hole in the president’s neck. In order to save the president, one of the doctors performed a tracheotomy, and enlarged the hole so he can run a pipe. The doctors who did the autopsy were not there during the operation. Therefore, they believed that the ball was out in front because of the size of the hole. It was only the next day that one of the operation doctors and another one who was present during the autopsy were called to check the veracity of the results. When the doctors examined the autopsy of tracheotomy, they warned the FBI, but the later did not pay so much attention to what they said. In addition, there were two FBI agents during the autopsy. These two refused to take any document such as: radios, photos and certificated of doctors. The FBI chose to appeal to designers rather than pictures taken during the autopsy. This allowed the FBI to place the holes caused by the bullets where they wished. As well as placing the hole in the head in front to make it look like a shot taken from behind while the hole was behind the head, which could probably proved that there was a second shooter.
Moreover, CIA agents confessed some of them deliberately and others unwittingly. In 2007,