Chelsea Hall cyberbullying Essay

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Chelsea Hall
CM107 College Composition
Lonelle Rathje
Cyberbullying Paper.

Cyberbullying may seem like nothing since there is no physical contact, but in reality it can hurt more than one would expect. Behind these monitors are real people with real feelings, who have been driven to depression or even worse suicide. Perpetrators of cyber-bullying are sometimes called trolls, ie people who engage in prolonged & often systematic attacks on people via blog comments, internet forms and social media sites. Such behavior is cruel, unnecessary and quite simply wrong. However, stopping it is not a simple matter, because those who bully enjoy the drama and feeling of power it gives them. Also, they are likely to find valid-sounding reasons to justify their behavior and may even not be aware that what they are doing is actually bullying. Most teens are so distraught by the bulling and just don’t know what to do or who to turn to that they end up taking their own lives. The question that everyone wants to know is how can we stop teen bulling? People who bully live in unpleasant mind states like anger, hatred, jealousy, fear and the list can go on. They are unhappy, upset or at the least ill in some ways. They use bullying as an outlet to release the inside anger that they may have towards someone who may have did something to them to someone who has done nothing to them at all. Just like us, they want to be happy but have a outraged way of showing it. which to them happiness is hurting others. Imagine how it would be to live with a mind and heart full of vitriol that bullies exhibit. Ouch. Not a good feeling right? So the question is how can teens put a stop to the way bullies treat others? What are ways they can help them?
First we need to accept that we can’t control the bully’s behavior, but we can control how we let it affect us. Normally, we get angry and defensive. We lose our peace of mind. But