Essay on Chem: Chemical Compound and Hydrochloric Acid

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| |During the Reaction |After the Reaction |
|Step 1 (mixture in 1 cup – |Band of mixture around 1 cm up from the bottom – |Smaller stones remain in the cup |
|stirring with magnet |darker material is lower and higher up the material |21.7 g |
|-Gray/brown mixture of grounded|is crystal-like | |
|stones (coarse sand) | | |
|23.04 g | | |
|Step 2 (add H2O to the |Immediate color change, some bubbles |Color changes to green/gray/blue, material mainly |
|remaining mixture) | |stays on the bottom (when stirred stays in clumps on |
| | |the bottom) |
| | |7 minutes later: top layer = liquid (blue/green |
| | |color), middle layer = small layer of clay, bottom |
| | |layer = sand (almost trapped under the clay) |
|Step 3 (pour mixture through |Water is coming out clear (slowly) |Water is clear (about 35mL in the beaker), mixture |
|filter) | |(clay and sand) remains in the filter |
|Step 4 (pour hydrochloric acid |Fizzing, bubbling, begins to turn brown |Brownish color, liquid on top, sand mixture below |
|into the mixture) | | |
|Step 5 (add hydrochloric acid |Fizzing, bubbling, smell of burning |Dried (cake-like) sand – lighter/more solid color |
|to the ‘pure’ sand/rock | |green, flakey rocks, on the bottom a hard, thin |
|mixture) | |crystal like crust remains |

What’s in the Cup?
Conclusions/Follow-up Questions:

List four different ways we attempted to separate the “stuff” in the cup and label each as a physical or chemical method.

a) Filter; physical method

b) Magnet; chemical method

c) Split amounts into beakers (2); physical method

d) Hydrochloric Acid added…