Separation Techniques Lab

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Separation Techniques Lab
An atom is the smallest unit of matter. An element is a pure chemical substance consisting of one type of atom. The difference between compounds and mixtures are that compounds are 2 or more types of elements that have been chemically bonded to form a new substance while a mixture is 2 or more atoms of different types that are mixed together without being chemically 1. Two different classifications of mixtures are homogenous and heterogeneous mixtures, the difference is that homogeneous mixtures are mixtures that become one and heterogeneous mixtures are mixtures that do not become one.
• Heterogeneous mixture containing sand, iron fillings, and table salt. • Filter paper • Magnet • Funnel • Water • * Hot plate – heat safety, plate can burn you. • * Evaporating dish – heat safety, dish will be hot after being placed on hot plate. • * Stirring rods – glass safety, it can shatter if dropped. • * 250 mL beaker- glass safety, it can shatter if dropped.
* For these procedures do not forget to include all your safety guidelines.
• Put all of the substances in the beaker and mix them up. • Pour mixture on a piece of paper and pass magnet over to separate the iron fillings. Record mass and write on chart. • Put back sand and table salt back in the beaker. • Add less than 100 mL of water in the beaker. • Stir using stirring rods. • Weigh filter paper, and write your name on the side with a pencil. • Filter the water with filter paper, with a funnel and a larger beaker on the bottom so the water can drip out. • Take filter paper out of the funnel and place it in the fume hood so excess water can evaporate. • Place beaker in evaporating dish.

Starting Mass (g)
Mass Retrieved (g)
Percent Error (%)
5.0 g
5.01 g
4.88 g
Table Salt (NaCl)
10.0 g
10.01 g
9.8 g
15.0 g
15.04 g
14.89 g

Iron: 4.88-5.01/5.01*100= -2.6%
Table Salt (NaCl): 9.8-10.01/10.01*100= -2.1%
Sand: 14.98-15.05/15.04*100= -1.0%
The properties f matter my group used to separate the heterogeneous mixture was magnetism, soluble, and insoluble substances. We had a homogeneous mixture once the iron and the sand had been removed, and the remaining substances were just salt and water. This was separated using a hot plate to