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Megan Schmidt March 25, 2015 Section 1411.106
Experiment 4 Post-Lab
Behavior of Gases
In this lab we were looking at the different Gas laws. Boyle’s Law and Charles’s Law, Boyle looked at the temperature vs. pressure and Charles looked at volume vs. temperature. With Boyle’s Law my hypothesis was that the pressure would go up if the temperature went up because when water is heated the molecules expand making the pressure greater. Charles’s Law when the pressure went up the volume went down. Some of the problems with this lab is you have to include machine error although most of time the equipment is correct and can sometimes be faulty.
Experiment Procedures
There was two parts to this experiment one was pressure vs. volume and the other was pressure vs. temperature. With pressure vs. volume we used a piston, syringe to draw up the liquid, and a Gas Pressure Sensor. We filled the syringe up to 10mL and then attached it to the Gas Pressure Sensor and looked at the LabQuest app where is would tell us the pressure of the liquid in the syringe. We did this 6 times with different volumes to collect multiple data points. We then graphed our data. With the second part we tested pressure vs. temperature we had a water bath in a large beaker, a hot plate, a Erlenmeyer flask, and the Lab Quest that told us the temperature and the pressure. We put the beaker filled with water on the hot plate to keep heating the water the water to different temperatures (K) and we would take the pressure of the Erlenmeyer at the different temperatures from the Lab Quest. We documented our data and drew a table.
100.58 Kpa
294.45 K
103.52 Kpa
303.15 K