A Brief Note On Kenya

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This is the map of Africa and the country highlighted is Kenya.
It is situated in the east of Africa. It is a small beautiful country.

The capital of Kenya is Nairobi. it is surrounded by five countries and the Indian ocean. The countries surrounding are Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.
Kenya has a very different climate to Britain’s it has five different climate zones.

Zone 1 is in the north east of the country, it has a little bit of rainfall, very sunny and very little vegetations grow there. The soils are thin and infertile. It has a very high temperature.

Zone 2 the east coast has more and therefore it has a good water supply, the land is flat and sandy beaches. It has good weather and because of this good vegetation grows there.

Zone 3 the region around Nairobi is highland area – over 1,500m. There is adequate rain and soil is fertile broken down by volcanic activity. The temperatures are low in this zone.

Zone 4 the region near Lake Victoria has high temperatures and rainfall through out the year. Zone 5 is high land region not much happens there it is barely used by people.

Tourism is so important to Kenya because the money that the people earn comes almost all from tourists. A very high percentage comes from tourists. The number of tourists that go to visit Kenya is increasing every year since 1985. In 1985 the number was 54000, and in 86 it was 614000. In 89 it was 730000. And finally in 2003 the number of visitors increased up 1,000,000 million. Now the country gets enough money to feed nearly everyone. If the visitors stop going there then the same amount will not be earned and the country could be in trouble because the businesses and the good jobs are not done or owned by the Kenyans they are owned by foreigners.

That very large number of people goes to visit Kenya for three main purposes, the natural environment, the attractive features of the landscape, scenery, wildlife, coastline, forests and the climate of the country, the tradition/culture recourses-interesting customs, history, houses and the lifestyle. And finally tourists amenities - facilities build to attract tourists or to enable them to travel to and stay in that area.
Because too many people are visiting this fibulas country it is now becoming too famous that people have started not to like it that much, for example if someone says I have been to Kenya and I have been on safari it wouldn't be a big deal he or she would say oh ok where as if you said the same thing to someone about ten years ago he or she would say wow that's a great place to go, I want to go there as well.

The country is turning into a public park so many people go there every day, the animals living forests are being disturbed by the people and the air balloons. They get scared and hide under any thing possible so the people can't see them. Animals like Rhinos and Lions which should be the kings of the land are now scared f men, they are becoming cowards later if the tourists stop visiting Kenya then they wouldn’t know how to hunt and then they will die because right now they are not hunting the feed on people's rubbish.

The safari minibuses are ruining the landscape as the drivers drive the minibuses into the grass and off the roads to take a closer look at the animals. The drivers drive on grass and that place where the tyres leave marks always stay like that because when it rains on it then its almost impossible to grow grass in that same place, so that place is not only one its hundreds of times everyday so you can almost