Chem: Water and Large Beaker Essay

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Yontaneshia Durant
CHEM 142- Lab Report
Introduction to Measurement
The materials used for this lab was a large beaker and a (250 mL) beaker, Erlenmyer flask (25 mL), pipet, ice, thermometer, ring stand, bunsen burner, and a thermometer clamp.
A beaker (250 mL) was filled completly with ice. Included was just enough water to cover the ice and then a thermometer was placed (2 cm) away from the bottom of the beaker. The temperture was recorded to the nearest .1 degrees C, giving the observed temperature for freezing water. A ring stand with a large beaker was set up and a thermometer was placed inside immeresed bywater to the indicated line. The bunsen burner was then added placed (10 cm) away from under the beaker, clearance for the flame. After the water came to a boil, the temperature observered was boiling water, read to the nearest .1 degrees C. The precise weight was taken of an empty (25 mL) Erlenmeyer flask. Next tap water was added (5 mL) into the flask and then weighed. The recorded mass stood for mass of Erlenmeyer flask after first delivery.Repeat what was stated previously (add 5 mL more of tap water), and then weighed with the recorded weight representing the after second delivery mass. Repeated was step number five, giving the mass after the third delivery. Using the differences between all three masses taken from it was the mass of water delivered by (10 mL). The four recorded temperatures was used to solve a system of equations. Which were…