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CHEMISTRY 151 Hybrid-Fall
Instructor: Dr. Ryan McDonnell office: N-203L

Class: N309 Lab: N308

Course Description: CHM 151 – General Chemistry I.
This course covers fundamental principles and laws of chemistry. Topics include measurement, atomic and molecular structure, periodicity, chemical reactions, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, gas laws, and solutions. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of fundamental chemical laws and concepts as needed in CHM 152.

A hybrid course indicates that although we meet in class, most of the will be self-taught using the text-book, SMARTWORK, or online aid. (I suggest KAHN ACADEMY). Most of the course grading will be ONLINE.

Course Objectives: Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of chemistry and the interrelationships of the following topics:
Measurements & units
Atoms, Molecules & Ions
Chemical Formulas, Equations and Calculations
Chemical Reactions

(1)A grade of ‘C’ or better in MAT 080,090, 095, 161 or 171 or equivalent placement
(2)A grade of ‘C’ or better in ENG 095 or equivalent.

Text: Chemistry, 3rd ed.; (Gilbert, Kirss, Foster, Davis)
Labbook: Experiments in General Chemistry 9th Ed.

General Education Competencies Will Incorporate All or Some of the Following:
Things You Need During Class:
Calculator (You should never use your cell phone in class)
Writing Utensil
Lab book (if used)
Class Rules:
Cheating of ANY kind will result in a failing grade for this course and disciplinary action
No food allowed in the classroom. Drinks must have a lid on them.
Cell phones will not be permitted as a “Calculator Resource” during class, quizzes, and exams.(or iTouch/Zoom etc); your cell phone and/or ringer must be off at all times during class, unless it is a pre-discussed emergency with your instructor.
Disruptions will result in lost points

GRADING SCALE: CFCC has adopted the following grading scale.
(92.100) A = 4.00 WP = (not computed in grade point average)
(84.91) B = 3.00 WF = (computed as an “F”)
(76.83) C = 2.00 I = Incomplete (paperwork required)
(68.75) D = 1.00 (0 – 67) F = 0.00

Course Grading (Course Grading is subject to change.)
Quizzes / HW (25%) Primarily Graded through Blackboard/SMARTWORK
Exams (30%) Three exams will be given
Laboratory (25%) See laboratory Syllabi
Final Exam (20%) A cumulative final exam will be taken by each student

NOTE: Your final grade is essential determined by your exam grade. Failure to keep a passing exam average indicates that you are unlikely to pass this course.

Extra Credit: There will be no individual extra credit. Any extra credit will be given to all students in the form of additional questions on tests.

SMARTWORK: Smartwork is a program available through blackboard. It is a HW program designed to track your progress outside of the classroom. In addition to demonstrating the solution to HW problems, it will also provide helpful hints, suggestions and practice problems you can use to perfect your skills. SMARTWORK will be graded (but you can repeat problems infinitely)

N407 Science Study Room:
N407 is a study room for use by all biology & chemistry students. The room is equipped with computers with internet access, reference materials including the CD-ROM REVEALED, skeletons, study posters, microscopes and slides. Learning Lab Science Tutors staff the study room and are available for tutoring. You must fill out a permission form to have access to this room and tutors. No printers are available in N407.

Attendance Policy: Students must be in attendance for at least 80% of class hours to receive credit for this course. In this course missing 20% of class hours will be defined as:
a) Missing four (4) homework assignments, or
b) Missing 4 labs.