Chemical Dependency And Its Effects On The Family Structure

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Chemical Dependency and Its Effects on the Family Structure Chemical Dependency or substance abuse is a disease that not only affects the person with the disease but it also affects the people that love them. This disease causes the infected person to live in a false sense of reality, oftentimes neglecting responsibilities, and refusing to change their behavior or admit there is a problem. Due to the nature of the ill person’s behavior the people in their lives take on positions to cover up and reduce the severity of the problem. Some of the positions that are assumed in a family with some one that has chemical dependencies are; the addict, Mr./Miss. Fix It, Mr./Miss. Perfect, the screw up, the clown, and Mr./ Miss. Forget Me Not. Each individual plays a position in the function of a dysfunctional family. The Addict is the person that is dependent on chemicals, either legal or illegal, that reduces the pain of everyday life or creates a euphoric emotion in the mist of turmoil. The addict creates many of the issues with in the family structure but does not realize that their behavior and dependency on the chemicals is creating a problem. This person often neglects responsibilities, leaving them for someone else to handle. The addict often times does not take care of themselves or people that would in a “normal” relationship depend on this person for their needs. Mr. /Miss. Fix it, is the addict’s protector, provider, and excuse maker. This person is there to fix anything that may go wrong in the addict’s life. Mr. / Miss Fix, the it is usually the person that assumes the responsibilities that the addict neglecters. The fix it persona often dismisses the actions of the addict, cleaning up their mistakes, protecting them from themselves and others, often trying to help but allowing the situation to become worse. Mr. / Miss. Fix It is accompanied by Mr. or Miss. Perfect.
Mr. or Miss Perfect is the individual that avoids causing any issues in the family. This person becomes an over achiever in most subjects throwing themselves in to becoming successful afraid of being anything like the addict they avoid breaking rules or rebellion in any fashion. Mr. or Miss. Perfect often tries to gain the love of the enabler by being the exact opposite of the addict or the screw up.
The screw up is the person in the family that is blamed for everything that goes wrong with the family or the individuals in it. The Screw up assumes many of the responsibilities neglected by the addict that the enabler cannot handle or does not want to face. The screw up is the complete opposite of Mr. Miss Perfect, often times taking the blame for others mistakes, and breaking rules and being rebellious, often times to gain the attention of the family, because this is the only time they are noticed. The screw up is usually close to the clown,