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jTask 3 - D4
Within my report I was aiming to look and the rate of reaction and how it increases while the temperature increases. This experiment was completed and through out the experiment the temperature increases and decreases because the hydrochloric acid and the sodium thiosulfate. The aim of this experiment was to time how long it would take for chemical solution to be able to turn translucent.
When the temperature of the chemicals increase, then the atoms would rapidly produce kinetic energy. So therefore more kinetic energy will be produced because of the head on collision. So in summary the rate of reaction will be quicker or faster.
Where as in the enzyme report, shows that experiment was used to see if the temperature would have effected the Autolytic Enzyme System which needs a minimum energy aspect which would met the chemical reaction which occurs of the Streptococcus Faecalis. This means that the cells would become destructive because of the own actions in the enzymes. My own report and the enzyme report are both completing the same task which is to investigate weather the temperature increase with the rate of reaction. In addition in my there were many different temperatures taken in my experiment so that the experiment shown a wide variety of results. Furthermore in my experiment the rate if reactions was between 0.1 sodium thiosulfate and 1m hydrochloric acid. In my experiment the sodium was used to help increase the rate of reaction. In addition in my experiment it was visible that the rate of reaction was increasing when the temperature would increase.
The similarities and differences between my report and the enzyme report would be that the