Chemical Reaction Lab Report Essay

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The purpose of this lab was to study the four main types of chemical reactions, and describe these reactions using balanced chemical equations. This lab was done in an open classroom with air circulating vents, safety goggles were worn, long hair was tied up, and sleeves were rolled up. This lab was divided into seven different stations, each of which studies a different chemical reaction. The first station included copper (II) sulphide penta-hydrate, which was burned in a test tube using a Bunsen burner. Observations were made before, during, as well as after the reaction. The product was then disposed of in a waste container for safe disposal. The second station included sodium sulphate and barium chloride. An eye dropper worth of barium chloride was placed in a test tube …show more content…
During this reaction, individuals are asked to not look at the burning magnesium as it may cause damage to the viewer’s eyes. The burnt magnesium was then placed in a waste container for safe disposal. At station four, a third of a test tube of diluted sulphuric acid and solid mossy zinc, which was sanded, were placed in a test tube. The opening of the test tube was covered by an individual’s hand, until the substance began fizzing, the hand was then removed, and a flaming splint was placed in the test tube. Reactions were recorded, and the solution was spilled over a paper towel to collect the rock, while allowing the liquid to be drained. At the fifth station, an iron nail was sanded and submerged in a copper (II) sulphate solution within a test tube, this reaction remained un-touched for several minutes, and reactions were recorded. At the sixth station, an eyedropper full of lead (II) nitrate was placed in a test tube, and another eyedropper of potassium iodide was added to the solution, a waiting time of 2 minutes was given to allow the reaction to fully take place. This solution was then placed in the waste container containing water. At the seventh station, manganese