Chemical Warfare English Essay

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“What surprises me, what amazes me, is that it seems the military people were expecting to stumble on large quantities of gas, chemical weapons and biological weapons.”­ Hans Blix
In this speech you will hear about chemical weapons, biological weapons, prevention of use, as well as defense measures the U.S. took, and finally an example of when they were used all, in that order.

First is chemical weapons there are very many different types of chemical weapons here are some examples of them, Tear gas, tear gas is the first one it is a chemical substance that causes temporary blindness to its victims, next is chlorine, chlorine which if put into high concentrations it can become irritating to your eyes and can even be used as a poison, also it was the first poison used in World War 1. (Chemical and Biological Warfare) Phosgene, phosgene which is a colorless, but highly toxic gas, also poisonous if put into a high concentration, mustard gas, mustard gas is highly dangerous and if come in contact with will burn the victim severely, and nerve gas is the last of all these dangerous chemicals.(Chemical and Biological
Warfare) Nerve gas which has many different types of nerve gas, here are two of the different types of nerve gas tabun and sarin which even just small amounts of these gases can cause paralysis and death ultimately, these were invented by the Germans during both World Wars.
Chemical weapons were mainly used during World War 1 and during that time 125,000 tons of chemical weapons were employed but not all were used, this is what they would call stockpiling which is what many countries did do with these deadly weapons.(BIOLOGICAL AND
CHEMICAL WARFARE) Also during the time that chemical weapons were not banned Italy used mustard gas while invading Ethiopia, not to mention that Japan also used tear gas and mustard gas while invading china.(BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL WARFARE)

Second in line is biological weapons and “Biological weapons depend upon the ability of micro­organisms to infect and multiply in the attacked organism.”(BIOLOGICAL AND
CHEMICAL WARFARE) Biological weapons were used before some of the antiquity were even around. Some of these biological weapons are bacteria, fungi, and viruses or toxins they produce.(Chemical and Biological Warfare) “ pathogens caused Anthrax, Botulism, Plague,
Smallpox, and various Hemorrhagic Fevers.”.(Chemical and Biological Warfare) “Biological warfare is to try and intentionally kill a man and in the process kill him, his animals, and his plants. Also not to mention in the 1930’s Japanese troops dropped food mixed with plague­carrying fleas.”.(BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL WARFARE)
Next we will talk about prevention of use for chemical warfare, So as you know chemical and biological weapons are both banned from use at all.(Chemical and Biological Warfare)
international community banned the use of chemical and biological weapons after World War 1, but also later reinforced that ban by prohibited their development, stockpiling, and transfer. A treaty was signed in 1972 and “By Jan. 1, 2001 144 nations ratified the treaty”. (Chemical and
Biological Warfare)
Now lets talk about the defense measures the U.S. made troops take vaccines against chemical and biological weapons but still had to use safety precautions.(Gay, Kathlyn) The U.S. during this time were trying to come up with more than a dozen vaccines to protect the…